Did I mention I am a writer?

I am a writer. My byline has been on numerous articles that appeared in local, regional and national publications, mostly in the field of equine sports. I have also had some magazine fiction published, along with a smattering of poetry.

It all seems like ancient history now, as life intervened and I stopped being a writer. No, that is not exactly true. I stopped submitting to publications, as I no longer had the ability to travel and cover events, and I no could no longer commit to a deadline. But I never stopped writing.

Let me paraphrase what a wise man once told me (as he has told countless others): if you can stop writing, you are not a writer. If you can’t stop, you are. So, I guess I remain a writer, as I have never stopped writing.

So, I am a writer. I no longer write articles for newspapers and magazines, even though my life has taken another turn, and I have the ability once again to travel and to meet deadlines. I also rarely turn out short fiction or poetry these days. Rather, I am working on novel-length fiction.

I am a writer. I may not have added a single word to a manuscript for weeks at a time, but I have never gone more than a day without thinking about my writing – mentally reviewing a scene; mentally looking for flaws in the plot or inconsistencies in a character; researching agents and publishers; writing query letters and synopses; and reading other writer’s words so that I might polish my own wordcraft. And, now, writing a blog.

I am a writer.

I hope that people enjoy reading what I write. I hope they find me entertaining. That is the purpose of my writing, to entertain. And to get my characters to stop haunting me!

If you decide to come back and visit again, maybe you’ll learn more about me, about my writing, about my characters. Maybe you’ll smile. Maybe you’ll snort milk out your nose, laughing. Who knows?

If that appeals to you, feel free to stop back from time to time. I’ll keep the porch light on for you.


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