Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

6-19-13 - Miles 001“You know, it’s been blissfully quiet around here the past few days. Ever since you insisted your characters participate in that . . . what was it called? The Gratitude Scavenger Hunt? ( . . . we’ve hardly heard a peep out of them!” My husband sighed contentedly. “They don’t even take meals with us.”

“I know.” I smiled at him. “They really seem to be enjoying it. They even asked if they could have a few more days to work on it.”

“Are they all still working downstairs in the conference room?” Miles furrowed his brow and tilted his head.

“Yeah, why?”

He chuckled. “Well, it’s been four days now, and I haven’t heard anyone killing your Arrogant One yet.”

I laughed. “Well, Dragon arranged individual offices off the conference room, so everyone could work in private without interfering with each other or getting on each other’s nerves.”

Miles shook his head. “I still don’t understand how the conference room works. It looks different every time I go in there – a different size, a different shape . . .”

I gave his hand a squeeze as I tugged him out of his chair. “Don’t try to understand it, honey. It’s magic. Let’s just get some dinner.”

“The leftover corn chowder?” His eyes gleamed.

I nodded. “Yup. And some roasted cauliflower and broccoli.”

“Now, that’s magic! Race you to the kitchen!”

*  *  *

dragon talking

“Everyone has finished collecting or creating their items or images, or preparing their illusions, for the Gratitude Scavenger Hunt, Mistress.” Dragon’s maw stretched into a wide, toothy smile and her tail twitched with excitement.

“Very well. Let’s go down and see what everyone has.”

Miles and I followed the bulky reptile down the steps and into the conference room. Everyone’s items were displayed on the huge round table in the middle of the room. My characters milled around, each slowly taking their place next to their individual items.

“How do you wish to do this, Mistress?” Cleric fidgeted with her rope belt and shifted her weight from foot to foot.

“Well, let’s see.” I rubbed my chin while I considered several approaches. “I think the best idea is for me to read off each category from the list, and everyone can take turns presenting their items for that category.”

I looked around at my assembled characters, who nodded their understanding and agreement. I was surprised how nervous they all appeared. Cleric wasn’t the only one shuffling back and forth on her feet, and I thought I saw several characters sweating. I hoped that meant they had taken the activity seriously, perhaps had even learned something from it.

I picked up my list and began. “The first item you were to find was something that makes a beautiful sound. Who wants to start?”

gypsy-facing-rightMeadowlark singing - framedMy Gypsy eagerly stepped forward and held up a picture of a bird. “I chose a Meadowlark. Their sweet song is a magnificent sound.” He whistled, perfectly mimicking the slurred, flute-like melody of the Eastern Meadowlark.

Young hero 2horse neighing in frameMy Young Hero stepped forward next. “I think a horse makes a beautiful sound, neighing to a friend, or whinnying to greet the day.” He held aloft a picture taken from a magazine.

mens-991728_1280Horses galloping - framedMy Foreman nodded and raised his picture. “I think the sound a horse makes is beautiful, too, only I selected the thundering sound of their hooves as a herd of steeds gallops across a field.”

dragon looking rightWind blowing - framedDragon took center stage next, holding aloft a photo. “I think the sound of a loud wind rushing through trees is beautiful. I enchanted this picture to produce that sound.” As she murmured an incantation, the sound of rushing wind filled the room for a few moments.

Elf facing rightwind-chimesAs the sound died down, Cleric stepped forward, holding a small wind chime she had constructed. “I do not believe this would withstand the force of the wind from Dragon’s enchanted image, but I think when the chimes are tickled by a gentle breeze, the sound they produce is most beautiful.” Cleric gently shook the chimes, making a soft tinkling sound.

sorceress-facing-rightWaves lapping against the shore - framedSorceress waited for the melodious chimes to quiet before producing her item, an enchanted image of waves lapping against the shore. “It is the beautiful sound that used to lull me to sleep on my native island.”

Bounty Hunterwaterfall - framed“I am afraid I cannot produce the sound effects, but I chose this photo of a rushing waterfall to depict something that makes a beautiful sound.” My Bounty Hunter showed us the photo.

DwarfDinner gong“Well, I be havin’ sound ee-ffects!” My Old Dwarf grinned as he clanged a triangular gong. “I be thinkin’ there be nuttin’ wat be makin’ a sound as bee-you-tee-full as a dinner bell.”

Arrogant One facing rightThe last of my characters to share his first item, my Arrogant One, stood apart from the group. He was scuffing one foot back and forth in an uncharacteristic display of stage fright. He cleared his throat several times before mumbling his explanation. “The most beautiful sound I have ever heard was produced by an audience clapping and cheering.” He passed his hand over an enchanted image, and the room was filled with thunderous applause, and loud cheers and whistles.

Applause - framed

It took quite a few minutes to get my Arrogant One to silence his enchanted image, as he closed his eyes and basked in the conjured applause. But soon I had my characters back to the task at hand.

We moved quickly through the next four categories.

Lightning stormThe catagory find something that smells amazing produced few surprises, among them being Dragon’s choice of a lightning storm. “Have you ever really smelled the air after you see a huge bolt of lightning?” Her nostrils quivered, and her tail twitched in delight.

Field of wildflowersBounty Hunter’s field full of wildflowers was equally surprising. “What? You think someone in my profession cannot appreciate the delicate fragrance of wildflowers in bloom?”

Catnip was rather predictable as the item Sorceress thought smelled amazing, as was her choice of milk for the next category, find your favorite beverage. Both choices reflected her exotic heritage, and I could almost hear her purring as she made her presentations.milkcatnip





Dragon’s choice of lemonade as her favorite beverage, however, was unexpected. “Not too sweet, though.” She grimaced. “Sugar negates the delightful burn of the acid.”

rose-quartzFind something that is your favorite color produced few surprises. Cleric’s choice of rose quartz was predictable. “It is the color associated with the deity whom I serve back in my world.”

Equally predictable in that category were my Old Dwarf’s choice of pewter mugs, my Arrogant One’s selection of gold coins, and my Gypsy’s option of a Northern Cardinal or Redbird.


Again, it was Dragon and my Bounty Hunter who surprised me. “And what is wrong with the color of sunflowers?” My Bounty Hunter scoffed.

Sky after sunsetDragon smiled a toothy grin, then explained her choice. “The color of the sky right after sunset is most pleasing to me. It also has a very personal meaning.” She glanced at my Young Hero. “When I was younger, I had not yet developed my ability to change colors. Someone back in my world once likened my color to that of the sky at twilight.”

There were no surprises at all in the category find something useful to you.

fireplace2“Of course, I chose my fireplace.” Dragon looked around, her expression daring anyone to make a remark.

Battle axe“And I be lost wit-out me battle axe.” My Old Dwarf brandished it, then gave the axe head a quick swipe with a polishing cloth.


My Foreman nodded. “As I would be without a saddle.”

dagger - bullseye

“And I, without my dagger.” My Gypsy flipped it end over end at a target hanging on the wall, scoring a perfect bulls-eye.


My Young Hero claimed a bag of holding as his most useful item, while Cleric needed her healing herbs, Sorceress, her scrying bowl, and my Bounty Hunter, a disguise.

Magician's staff“My staff is my most useful item.” My Arrogant One puffed himself up. “It is a focus for my magic, a walking stick, and a weapon. I can also tie a bundle to it and carry it over my shoulder or tie a string to the end for a fishing pole.”

That brought us to the last category – find something to give someone else to make them smile.

Dragon scale 2“The best gift I could give someone to produce a smile would be one of my scales.” Dragon held a small iridescent scale in her hand. “It is not only beautiful, but it is almost indestructible, so the recipient could conceivably have it for a lifetime. It grants powerful protection and has magical properties that can be activated by those with the proper knowledge. How could such a wondrous gift fail to make someone smile?”

Wood carving

My Old Dwarf showed us a small wood carving he had made. “I be thinkin’ thet summat I be takin’ tha time an’ effort ta be makin’ wit me very ownest hands be puttin’ a smile on anyone’s face.”


My Foreman nodded. “I envy you your talent, my rotund little friend. All I have to offer to put a smile on someone’s face is a posy.”

dried flowers and herbsCleric smiled. “Those flowers would certainly make me smile. I also chose flowers, but mine are an arrangement of dried flowers and herbs.”




“I would give someone a charm or a talisman.” My Gypsy displayed his offering.

heart-shaped stonesMy Young Hero admired his friend’s item. “My gift would be similar.” He held out a handful of small rocks. “Nature created these heart-shaped stones. They made me smile, and I am sure they would do the same for anyone to whom I would bequeath them.”


“A book has always seemed a much-appreciated gift.” Sorceress held up a tome adorned with flowers.

bottle of wine or spirits

“As is a bottle of fine wine or spirits.” My Bounty Hunter indicated his item.


My Arrogant One was the last to present his item. All eyes turned to him, and we waited. He scuffed his toe back and forth on the carpet, and he hung his head. “I have never given a gift to anyone. I have nothing to make another smile.”

My other characters seemed unsurprised. “Selfish people rarely know how to make others smile.” Although Dragon meant it to be a whisper, her voice carried through the room, and I saw my Arrogant One’s face turn scarlet.

Surprisingly, it was my husband who came to the annoying elf’s rescue. Miles walked over to the conference table and picked up my Arrogant One’s staff. He turned to the pompous figure and held out the staff. “Take it.”

Cautiously, obviously fearing a trick, the elf reached out and took hold of the staff.

“Now, perform.” My husband turned and rejoined me and the others watching the elf.

“What?” My Arrogant One furrowed his brow and tilted his head.

“You have a great gift to share, with which to put a smile on everyone’s face. Create some illusions, give a performance. That is what you can give someone else to make them smile.” Miles raised an eyebrow at the elf.

Slowly, a smile spread across my Arrogant One’s face as understanding dawned. He drew himself up, rocked back on his heels, and held his staff aloft. He treated us all to a truly amazing performance of illusory magic and sleight of hand. When it was over, the elf had no need of an enchanted image to create applause.

Performing illusion

Once the hurrahs had died down, I addressed the group. “I hope you all had some fun with this Gratitude Scavenger Hunt. I also hope you learned something from it.”

My characters all nodded and murmured among themselves. Finally, Dragon spoke for the group. “I believe it has become obvious to all of us that complaining is a waste of effort. If we are bored, we can always engage in fruitful and enjoyable activities. We are grateful to you for making us realize this.”

“I think we also learned to just look around us for things for which we can be grateful, like a beautiful sound or smell, a pretty color, a favorite beverage.” My Bounty Hunter nodded toward the conference table holding all the items he and his companions found for the Gratitude Scavenger Hunt.

“And I am grateful to have learned that everyone has something to give to others, and that giving is as pleasurable as receiving.” My Arrogant One smiled.

“Good lessons, all!” I beamed at my characters. “I hope you all keep your feelings of gratitude going forward.”

“Wale, I be real gratitudinal iffin dinner be ready soon.” My Old Dwarf winked and headed for the stairs.

We hope you all enjoyed the Gratitude Scavenger Hunt as much as my characters did, and I hope you enjoyed the insight into each character, with the choices they made for each category. In case you missed anyone’s presentation, here is the list of characters and the items they chose for each category.

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Be sure to join us next week for another adventure! We’ll leave the porch light on for you!

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We’re Doing WHAT?

We’re Doing WHAT?

rainMiles and I were in the living room with some of my characters, watching the storm outside. Driving rain pounded against the windows and booming thunder shook the house.

Gypsy close-up“Oh, great! The rain is coming down in buckets!” My Gypsy frowned at the scene unfolding in the yard. He turned away from the French doors to the deck, stomped across the living room, threw himself into a chair, and crossed his arms over his chest. “I am so tired of being stuck inside! First, everyone was sick. Now, it looks like the annual monsoon season we had back in our world! The ducks from the pond are now swimming in the back yard!”Ducks swimming in the yard

Young hero 2“I know!” My Young Hero wore a frown identical to his friend’s. “We have not been able to exercise our horses or go on an outing in weeks! I am going to forget how to ride if we are not able to get to the horses soon!”

Foreman facing right closeupMy Foreman snorted. “We just went on a trail ride three weeks ago. ( But I agree. I am impatient for the weather to clear, that we may spend another day in the saddle.” He sighed and raked his hand through his hair as he stared at the back yard, now flooding with the overflow from the pond.

Cleric and Sorceress stomped into the room, with Dragon close behind.

Sorceress wrinkled her nose as she looked out the door. “When is this rain going to stop? Cleric and I have need of more botanicals for our spell components!”

Dragon snarled at her companions, and dark smoke spurted from her snout. “Why ask me? I do not control the weather!” She shivered. “It is so damp! I know I am going to get sick again! I need my fire.” She conjured her illusory fireplace and curled up on the floor in front of it.Smoke drifting from Dragon's snout

“Oh, now you will roast us all to death, because you are cold?” Cleric glared at Dragon, who responded by twitching her tail and spewing more clouds of black smoke.

Arrogant One facing rightbounty-hunter-facing-other-directionMy Arrogant One and my Bounty Hunter strode into the room, coming to a dead stop in front of the doors.

“It is still raining!” My Arrogant One placed his hands on his hips and contorted his face into an exaggerated pout. “The shed will be flooded!”

“It would not be flooded if you would fix the leaky roof!” My Bounty Hunter spoke casually, but there was steel under his words.

The elf rounded on his sidekick. “I did! I cannot help it if every time I fix one leak, two more appear! And I do not see you doing anything to help.”

Dwarf and hamMy Old Dwarf wandered into the room, munching on a ham. He shook his head at my Arrogant One. “Eh, ye be needin’ ta be doin’ more ’en jest be magickin’ tha leaks! Ye be needin’ ta be usin’ hammer an’ nails, elfie.”

“Do not call me elfie!” My Arrogant One’s voice, a 200-decible screechy approximation of an operatic soprano, startled several ducks that had been swimming in the back of the flooded yard.

“Okay, that’s enough!” I scowled at my characters. “All I’ve heard all morning is complain, complain, complain!”

“We are sorry, Mistress.” Cleric tried to look contrite. “But we are bored and getting on each other’s nerves.”

I rose from my chair and folded my arms over my chest. I narrowed my eyes as I looked around the room at my characters. “Well, I have an idea how to stop being bored. You are all going on a scavenger hunt.”

Elf facing right“A scavenger hunt, Mistress? What is that?” Cleric’s cornflower blue eyes were filled with curiosity.

My eyes widened. “You never went on a scavenger hunt when you were a youngster?”

Cleric shook her head.

“Have any of you ever been on a scavenger hunt?” I looked around the room. Only three of my characters nodded.
My Gypsy leaned forward. “I remember going on scavenger hunts! My grammy organized them for all the children in the village. They were fun!”

Young hero 2My Young Hero frowned. “My parents used to organize them for my brother and me, and some of our friends. I was never very good at finding the things on the list.”
Dwarf and ham 2
“When I be jest a young pup, me mam and pap been sendin’ me off on scavenger hunts all’a time. I be real good at ’em.” My Old Dwarf took another bite of ham.

sorceress-facing-rightSorceress frowned. “Mistress, for those among us who were deprived of such a fun activity in our youth, could you please explain in detail this concept of a scavenger hunt?”

I sighed. “Well, in a normal scavenger hunt, the participants are given a list of items they must find and collect within a set amount of time. The winner might be the one who collects every item on the list, or perhaps the first one to collect all the required items.”

bounty-hunter-facing-other-directionMy Bounty Hunter grunted. “You said in a normal scavenger hunt, this is how things are done. Are we to infer that this will not be a normal scavenger hunt?”

I nodded. “That’s correct. In a normal scavenger hunt, you need to collect the physical items appearing on the list. They could be things like string, a button, a flower, a feather, a leaf. However, the fact we are confined to the house would greatly limit the items I could put on the list. So for this scavenger hunt, you need to be creative. If the item can be found in the house, and it is something small enough to carry, you may collect the actual item. Otherwise, you can collect a picture of the item.”

scaly dragon looking rightDragon thrashed her tail. “And, pray tell, where are we to find pictures of these items?”

magazinesI laughed. “I have stacks of old magazines I’ll bring to the conference room. You can look through them. Also, if you are artistic, you can create your own picture of the items. You can get all your art supplies from Miles. He has paper, scissors, color pencils, chalk, charcoal, paint, and ink. I think he even has crayons, glue and paste.”

6-19-13 - Miles 001I looked to Miles for confirmation, and he nodded. “Yes, I have anything you might need. I’ll put it all in the conference room, next to the magazines.”

IllusionI smiled. “And, for those of you adept at magic, you may create small illusions of the objects.” I glanced at my Arrogant One. “You are not to create anything that would cause any harm or damage.”

The elf scoffed. “As if any of us would!”

Several of my characters rolled their eyes.

My Young Hero chewed on his bottom lip and furrowed his brow. “How many items will be on this list, and how long will we have to collect or create them?”

I stroked my chin as I considered the question. “There will only be six items on the list, and you will have two days to complete the scavenger hunt.”

“And everyone will be looking for the same items, Mistress?” Cleric fidgeted with her corded belt.

for scavenger hunt

I shook my head. “In a regular scavenger hunt, everyone would be looking for the same things, like a button, a coin, a feather. But this is going to be a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt. All of the items on the list are things that make you happy, things for which you should feel grateful.”

I looked around and saw nothing but blank stares. I sighed. “Okay. So, let’s say one of the items on the list is something that makes you laugh. That would be something different for each of you. One person might choose to write out a joke, while another person might choose to copy the words to a silly song or find a funny picture. So, no, you will not be collecting the same items.”

Everyone groaned.

“Will there be a prize for collecting all the items on the list? Or for being the first to complete the scavenger hunt? Or, mayhap, a prize for the most creative representation of an item on the list?” My Gypsy sounded hopeful.

I shrugged. “We’ll see. I think the prize, or benefit, of the hunt is just to stop dwelling on how miserable it is to be stuck inside and remember all the things that make you happy, the things for which you should be grateful.”

arrogant-one-facing-right“Well, I for one, have no intention of participating in such a juvenile endeavor!” My Arrogant One pompously drew himself up, rocked back on his heels, and grasped his cloak in both hands. “I have more important things on which to spend my valuable time.”bounty-hunter-facing-other-direction

“Afraid you would not be able to find the items?” My Bounty Hunter smirked at his companion.

The elf sneered. “I assure you, I would have no problems finding any item on the list.”

“Good.” I narrowed my eyes and stared at him. “Because all of you will be participating.”

“Oh, very well! Just give us the list, then.” My Arrogant One folded his arms in front of him and tapped his foot impatiently. “The sooner we get started, the sooner we can end this nonsense.”

“I’ll have the list for you shortly after lunch. I will make a copy for each person.”

* * *

My characters milled about as I handed out copies of the list for the Gratitude Scavenger Hunt. They started reading the lists as if they couldn’t understand them.

Something that makes a beautiful sound?”

Something that smells amazing?”

Your favorite beverage?”

My Arrogant One scanned the list I handed him. His eyes widened. “Something to give someone else to make them smile?” He blinked, then thrust the paper back at me. “This is utterly ridiculous and a total waste of my valuable time!”

I put my hand up in my best imitation of a cop stopping traffic, and I narrowed my eyes. “Keep it. You will participate.”

My Old Dwarf grinned as he read the list. “Eh! This be too easy, lass! I be back in a few minutes wit all me items.”

“Remember to put some thought into the items you choose. Don’t pick something just because it’s easy. And don’t pick something you think is the expected item. Like I said before, everyone will choose different items. There are no right or wrong items for this Gratitude Scavenger Hunt. Any questions?” I looked around at my characters. “No? Then go have fun!”

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt - Master list


What items do you think each of the characters will collect? Be sure to come back next week and see! We’ll leave the porch light on for you.

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