Right on the heels of yesterday’s “Get Social,” today’s task for the 2015 October Platform Challenge is “Join Goodreads.”

Goodreads is yet another social media site; but, unlike Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others I am (now) familiar with (and a member of), Goodreads seems to be a social media site with a singular purpose – to share the love of books and reading.

It is, I think, more geared for readers than writers, although both will benefit. Join Goodreads and you will get to see other members’ virtual bookshelves and read their reviews and ratings. You can fill your virtual bookshelves with titles you have read, ones you are reading, and those you plan to read. You can contribute your ratings and reviews, join discussions groups, start book clubs, contact authors and even post your own writing.

Although at first glance, Goodreads seems geared toward readers, it also provides many tools for authors to promote their books. I have already found several authors there I have connected with on Facebook and Twitter, and I will be following them on Goodreads, too.

It will take time to explore Goodreads, and I hope, as a reader, to participate. Maybe even as an author, someday. Maybe.

However, as an aspiring author I can’t help but ask – how much social media is too much? If an author has a personal website does that author really need to join Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Goodreads? Is that author really reaching additional readers with each social media site? Does the author provide the exact same content for each site? If the author provides different content for each of the social media sites, and interacts with fans on each site, when does that author have time to craft books?

Clearly, this dinosaur needs to explore further.

Feel free to stop back from time to time. I’ll keep the porch light on for you. If I’m not here, check my social media.




and now https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/48363787-marge-cutter-tesch

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