Day 25 of the October Platform Challenge, and the task dujour is a doozy! Well, at least for me, it is.

Today, we have to pitch a guest post for another blog. Basically, that means this writer, who just started blogging this month and has a total of 23 blog posts under her belt, has to approach another blogger and say, “Hey, I’ve got this great idea for a post that would be ideal for your blog, and I would like to write it for you.”

Me. The person who has only blogged about the daily tasks associated with the October Platform Challenge. Me. The person who isn’t even sure what I want to blog about once this month and the challenge reach their photo finish.

The blogs I tend to read are written by people who have a lot of success in their field, such as published authors who blog about writing, or naturalists who blog about birding, or award-winning photographers who blog about photography techniques. I read these blogs to learn.

I am not yet a successful author. I am an aspiring author. I am still learning my craft. I have no ideas to pitch to other bloggers who blog about writing. They draw on their own experience and achievements for their blog posts. I have yet to enjoy their level of experience, or achieve their success.

The same goes for my hobbies of bird-watching and photography. I am not an expert in either field; nor do I have the experience necessary to write with any authority on these subjects.

So…does that mean I have met my Waterloo? Ha! I laugh at the thought of defeat! “Surrender” is not in my vocabulary.

It may take me a while, but I will conceive an idea, and create a post worthy of another’s blog. I will pitch them the idea, and smile when they readily accept. Until then, if you need me for anything, I will be sitting in the corner, wearing my thinking cap. (And you thought it was a dunce cap! Shows what you know!)

Feel free to stop back from time to time. I’ll keep the porch light on for you.

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