Two days ago, I wrote about some mistakes I had made while creating my writer’s platform.

I was Margaret (Marge) Mead Cutter for almost 36 years. Until I remarried a few years ago, all my online accounts, from e-mail to social media, were under the name Cutter. After I remarried, I changed some of the accounts to my new last name, Tesch, but failed to change them all. When I created new accounts, such as this blog, I used my new name.

One of the purposes of creating a writer’s platform is visibility. If I have an online presence of multiple names, it makes it much harder to be visible. So, moving forward, I will attempt to keep my online presence under one name.

Henceforth, my professional name will be Marge Cutter. The decision is one of practicality, not sentimentality. As a freelance writer, most of my by-lines were under the name Cutter. I have completed the first two books of a Young Adult Fantasy series, and sent queries to agents and publishers, under the name Cutter. So, if someone is looking for me, Marge Cutter, the aspiring author, they will probably not be looking under the name Tesch.

I hope that, eventually, all the name changes I have made will take effect. If you have found this blog, then I know this one worked.

Here’s where to find me on social media:


Face Book:

Google+ :

and you can find my updated WordPress “About Me” page at

Feel free to stop back from time to time. I’ll keep the porch light on for you.


4 thoughts on “Presenting a Unified Me

  1. Names are so touchy sometimes. I tried to use my maiden name for different things, and I always go back to just has been easier to recognize. Not for the same reasons you have for using Cutter in your writing.,but the end results are the same. I like the unified you no matter what name you use!

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  2. I hope this will alleviate the Multiple Personality problems you discussed earlier. Posting all your links above helped me find you on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter, also. I have sent requests to friend/join/follow on those sites.

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