Today’s 2015 October Platform Challenge was to include an image in our blog. The image of an heirloom typewriter sitting on a dusty old desk resonated with the dinosaur in me. Even though I now create most of my writing on a computer, I’m old enough to remember actually using one of these antiques. I remember that uncomfortable straight-backed chair, too!

So, how does adding an image to my blog improve it? Well, images are very eye-catching. They give focus to the post, and help engage the reader. They also, I am told, help people find the blog through search engines.

Whether this particular image will give focus to my blog, help engage my readers, or help new readers find my blog, are all questions yet to be answered. If you have an opinion, please leave a comment. It’s always good to see what’s working and what’s not.

Meanwhile, I need to get back to my hero and see if that assassin has caught up with him yet.

Feel free to stop back from time to time. I’ll keep the porch light on for you.


8 thoughts on “Adding An Image

    1. Oh Marge, your image took me back a few years I can tell you. Can remember sitting in a room with about 30 other ‘girls’ all working away to earn a crust on practically the same typewriter ! lol – So much easier these days ! Loving your blogs. xx

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  1. I like this image. It reminds me of Hemingway, Tolkien, Austen and the Brontë sisters. (I have no idea when type machines came into being, but then fantasy often mixes with reality for writers.)

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    1. Thanks, miladyronel! The fact that it evoked images of those writers in your mind tells me it was a good image to use. And, I agree, fantasy *does* often mix with reality for writers! 🙂

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  2. I learned to type on a machine that looked very much like that one. Your image unleashed a flood of long-forgotten memories. Thank you very much. And I’m enjoying your progress — and mine — through the Platform Challenge.

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    1. Those were the day, weren’t they, Jay? Glad I could bring back old memories, and glad you are enjoying the progress we are both making in this wonderful Challenge!


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