Twitter chat

Twitter has chats? Whoda thunk? (Hey, this is a blog, not the NY Times. I can sneak a colloquialism or two past the grammar and spelling police!)

Today’s 2015 October Platform Challenge task was to take part in a Twitter chat. As a relative newcomer to Twitter, I had no idea what this was, or how to accomplish it. But Robert Lee Brewer mad it easy. He gave step-by-step instructions how to enter the hour-long #platchal (Platform Challenge) chat he was setting up at 11 am Atlanta, Georgia, time (10 am my time).

It started a bit slow, but really took off. I had some difficulty keeping up with the pace at times. To my surprise, though, I was able to actually participate, not just lurk! I replied to some tweets and even asked a question of my own. I found the exchange to be fun and educational, with many good ideas being shared.

As an aspiring author, I have to be careful not to waste time I should be spending working on my novels. Social media can be a huge time-waster. I know I spend far too much time on personal conversations on social media. But some time spent there can be extremely valuable. Exchanging ideas with fellow writers, both successful writers and aspiring ones, is a great use of my social media hours. I plan to do it again. Soon!

Feel free to stop back from time to time. I’ll keep the porch light on for you.


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