Another day, another (extremely valuable) task

Today’s task for the 2015 October Platform Challenge is to create an Editorial Calendar for our blog.

Okay, an editorial calendar. I guess that means I should set up a spreadsheet…or keep track of it on an actual calendar…or maybe just jot it down on a sheet of paper and try not to lose it.

Mr. Brewer instructs us to decide on the frequency of our blogging, and to “write down the date for each post. Beside each post, write down ideas for that post ahead of time.”

I started something similar several years ago, when I was first toying with the idea of blogging. I made a list of possible blog topics. Yesterday, I found that list of ideas. It would have been nice had I put dates next to each idea – it might have given me the push I needed to actually start the blog back then. It would have been even nicer had I fleshed out each idea with a sentence or two. Now, looking back on a bare-bones list of topic ideas, I can not remember where I was going with a lot of these thoughts.

I will follow Mr. Brewer’s instructions and start an editorial calendar for my blog. Right now, frequency is easy – since I am mostly blogging about the 2015 October Platform Challenge, I will be blogging daily, and the task dujour will be my topic. After the challenge is over, maybe I will settle into a more reasonable schedule – weekly or twice a week. But, when that time comes, I will have a well-planned editorial calendar from which to work.

If you care to see how that works for me, feel free to to stop back from time to time. I’ll keep the porch light on for you.


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