Interesting characters

The task for day 8 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge was, again, an easy one that built on the previous task. Today, we had to find and share a helpful article that is relevant to our target audience. So, as I am currently working on an envisioned seven-book Young Adult Fantasy series, I chose an article dealing with the future of Sci-fi and Fantasy.

I shared this on Twitter: “Good to know, in spite of many rumors to the contrary, Sci-fi and Fantasy are still in great demand.”

And, for me, it really is good to know. I would hate to spend years writing seven books in a fantasy series and then find out that no one is reading fantasy anymore.

But, even if the future of fantasy were in doubt, I think I would still have to write this series. It is populated with characters that are far too interesting to abandon – characters that surprise, confuse, delight, shock and dismay; characters that will be beloved, characters that will be despised, and characters that will move the reader to pity. And characters that just might murder me as I sleep, should they think I have abandoned them.

If you would like to see if I share more about my characters, feel free to to stop back from time to time. I’ll keep the porch light on for you.


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